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Bathroom Renovations Elsternwick

For Australians all around the globe, their showers and beauty baths are the most important to get through a normal, stressful working day and even the thought of missing that is a nightmare. Why are showers and baths so important? They revitalize your body; freshen up your mind, wash off all the dirt and stress, relaxing your muscles for a good night sleep. What happens if your bathroom is not giving you that satisfaction and relief even after a long bath? Is your bathroom the odd one out in your house and does not reflect your lifestyle? Do you want to renovate it?

Now it’s easy! With Claygent Home and Building Maintenance in Melbourne, your dream bathroom is right around the corner.Traditionally, most bathrooms used to have a shower base but later tinted shower screens came along with the base. However, now shower screens are made of clear glass, but the feeling of privacy is intact because the fact that you are within 4 walls.

When planning a bathroom renovation in Elsternwick or Caulfield, you should give importance to the design of your bathrooms, which includes the position of toilet, vanity, cabinets, shower and/or bathtub and sofa and LCD screens, if you want to make a room out of it. For bathroom renovations in Elsternwick, we offer our customers advice on designing a shower space. Styles include:

  • Alcove
  • Corner
  • Open
  • Curbless
  • Double
  • Shower/ Bathtub Combination

For modern bathrooms, the most common styles found are open or curbless. Others are also found ordinarily but are suited to small spaces. With curbless or open showers, you are relieved of boundaries when having a shower. Some installations consist of frameless glass, just to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Shower base in modern bathrooms are eliminated through creativity in the sense that the flooring is directly installed with drainage systems, whether it is mosaic, tiling or other stone installations.

The use of timber floorings in bathrooms is increasingly becoming popular due to its warmth and radiance than other flooring products. We offer timber floorings for bathroom renovations in Caulfield with proper sealing and waterproofing for better adaptability and life long gratification.

Bathtubs are common in bathrooms and are suited to any bathroom style, whether modern, classic or any other. The collection of bathtubs includes:

  • Freestanding
  • Drop-in
  • Undermount
  • Claw-foot
  • Corner
  • Hot-Tub
  • Three Wall Alcove
  • Japanese

The most appreciated style is freestanding. Architects refer to it as a masterpiece of bathroom architecture. The lone standing bathtub in the middle of the bathroom gives a lot of space around and makes the whole bathroom appear roomier. With adequate lighting installations and modern bathroom faucets, bathrooms can turn out to be your favourite hangout.

At Claygent Home and Building Maintenance, we hope to change lifestyles through inspiration, innovation and quality service.

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