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Bathroom Renovations in Toorak and Hawthorn

Bathroom Renovation in Toorak and Hawthron

Do you feel disgusted and want to take a step back whenever you walk into your bathroom because of the bathroom décor, fixtures and fittings? It often happens that bathrooms do not supply the privacy and comfort level needed to relax and let go of everything that is keeping you tensed and agitated.  For that, you might need something that turns your mood around whenever you step into your bathroom. Claygent Home and Building Maintenance brings you bathroom renovations in Toorak and in Hawthorn, Melbourne for allowing you to adopt a different lifestyle.

What makes us different is the advice we provide you in making your bathroom a better think tank and where you can easily go about doing your business.

Vanities play an important role in bathroom renovations in Hawthorn. A vanity cabinet is the centre piece of your bathroom. If this is not chosen carefully, or an uninviting colour and shape is used, it makes the whole bathroom appear stuffy and un-clean. Confusing vanity units with many drawers can irritate you when you are in a hurry to find a toilet roll or an extra shaving razor, before you go off to work.

Using a vanity unit than a ground vanity cabinet is more beneficial and looks picturesque in a contemporary bathroom. Cabinets are either:

  • Flat Panelled
  • Furniture-Like
  • Glass Panels
  • Shaker
  • Recessed Panel
  • Beaded Inset
  • Open
  • Louvered

Whether you choose just a vanity unit, or use it along with other cabinets, they must complement each other and show off as one unit. In large bathrooms, usually several vanity cabinets are installed. Another major choice of material is for the counter top of the vanity. You can make a choice from:

  • Onyx
  • Quartzite
  • Corian
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Tile
  • Terrazzo
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Reconstituted Stone
  • Soapstone
  • Laminate
  • Wood

There are also several edging options for vanity tops that will add detail to your bathroom décor.

The basin, its installation style and the tap ware are also vital parts of bathroom renovations in Toorak. Basins can be fitted into vanity tops in 3 ways:

  • Self-Rimming Sink
  • Undermount Sink
  • Integral Sink

Basins come in several shapes and sizes like round vessel, rectangular, oval to name a few. There are many companies that offer a collection of ultra-modern and stylish tap ware like Finlay & Smith, Phoenix, Brewers, Mixx etc.

Claygent Home and Building Maintenance offers bathroom renovation solutions from top traders in Australia to give your house that aesthetic appeal you always dreamed of.

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