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Kitchen Renovations Malvern

Kitchen Renovation MalvernBathroom Renovations Malvern

Bathroom Renovations Malvern

Renovations are not the ordinary touch-ups to any room of your home, but the term refers to a complete makeover of the whole interiors of any room of the house to something different than the previously adorned. Ever thought of why would you need kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations in Malvern, Melbourne rather than the less expensive and ordinary tweaks to the interior design of those rooms? Whatever your thought maybe, rather frequent touch-ups to your interiors is more expensive than a onetime renovation decision, although you have to spend more at a time for a renovation.

Claygent Home and Building Maintenance is here to outline a clear difference between renovations and tweaks to Melbournians, and advise them on renovation products and services that are going to make their planning task easier, not to mention light on their already heavily burdened wallets. Our dedicated and zealous team of workforce, with enormous experience in their fields are on the move at all times to offer you the best after every work execution.

We aim to provide the residents of Malvern, unsullied kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations that do not just bring about a progressive change in your habitat, but also your lifestyle. With our vast knowledge of kitchen and bathroom styles around the Australian continent and beyond, we incorporate that amazing lifestyle into your living with stunning renovation solutions. Kitchen Styles Include:

Classic Kitchens

It is suitable for the ones who prefer to stay true to their roots. This adds the much needed charm, warmth and simplicity to the kitchen. We can bring back the countryside look, mid-century or farmhouse feel through our classic kitchens. Several finishes like the laminate finish and 2-pack enamel finish particularly suit the bench tops, the most notable hardware in the kitchen, in traditional environments. Every finish has its own characteristics and brings its own kind of shine and durability to the kitchen.


Modern Kitchens

The contrast of beautiful colours, curvaceous edges and modern appliances are features of a modern kitchen. The contemporary designs can turn any room into a beautiful kitchen effortlessly, with style and finesse. Modern kitchens give the feeling of fresh and energetic environments where you can feel revitalized. Acrylic finish, solid timber finish, laminate finish, vinyl wrap finish and 2-pack enamel finish are some of the polishes that complement modern kitchens.

Modern kitchen renovations in Malvern can be specified to suit various surroundings. These styles include:

  • Eclectic
  • Asian
  • Craftsman
  • Beachstyle
  • Industrial
  • Rustic
  • Tropical
  • Mediterranean
  • Transitional

Bathroom renovations in Malvern can be designed to the same styles above but require extra care like, sealing and proofing, especially with timber floorings.

Claygent Home and Building Maintenance will renovate your bathrooms and kitchens incorporating styles used round the globe. Go through our website for further info.

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