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Bathroom Renovations Ormond

Bathroom Renovations Ormond

Kitchen Renovations Ormond

Are you low on budget? Can you not afford complete kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations in Ormond, Melbourne due to the high expenses? If yes, then you need not worry because Claygent Home and Building Maintenance brings you facelifts for kitchens and bathrooms in Melbourne. Although renovations will give you a wholly distinct style to your previous décor but due to finance problems, various people pick facelifts over complete renovations.

Many people are unaware of the term facelifts and what are its benefits. Facelifts allow specific updates to a kitchen or bathroom décor, namely visual aspects of these rooms. Visual aspects of kitchen and bathrooms include:

  • Kitchen Bench tops
  • Bathroom Vanity tops
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Handles and Knobs
  • Splashbacks
  • Tapware

Although the aforementioned aspects are the most common to change during facelifts, you can also change the lighting installations or use extra centre lamps to give it a more, modern café kind of look, found in most contemporary houses. 4 Types of lighting styles are commonly used for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Ambient Lighting

It involves using overhead ceiling installed bulbs or on-the-top lamps etc. that are used to spread an even light throughout the kitchen. This kind of lighting is typically used in bathrooms and kitchens where windows are present so minimal light installations make the room brighter. Normally incandescent bulbs are used but environmental friendly people opt for little expensive, compact fluorescent bulbs.

  • Accent Lighting

This lighting system is mainly used to focus on something. They are directional lights, like wall scones and corner table lamps that provide a visual difference. They can be installed in cabinet frames, vanity frames, having the purpose is to be brighter than ambient lights.

  • Natural Lighting

This is the most desirable and beneficial form of light, that can be accessed through windows. A little vitamin intake while working in the kitchen or when grooming in the bathroom will not hurt. But, it is mostly preferred in kitchens. The combination of artificial light system used can be accent or ambient lighting.

  • Task Lighting

This lighting system is mainly used in the kitchen for carrying out various kitchen tasks like chopping, cooking and washing easily. An example would be kitchen cabinet down lights or cabinet top lamps used on vanity tops in bathrooms. Halogen lights are also called task lights because they provide a clear and clean light that brings out the original colours. One downside is that they become ultra-hot quickly. They are 10 times brighter than ambient lights.

Claygent Home and Building Maintenance offers bright and luxurious kitchen and bathroom renovations in Ormond to turn your life into a style statement for many.

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